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BEMCON Middle East & North Africa (MENA Region) open its 3rd office in Saudi Arabia after Jeddah and Riyadh.

BEMCON Middle East has recently open its 3rd office in the Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia based at Al Khobar City. Eastern Region is world known area for petrol, petrochemical upstream and downstream industry. This region has largest industry bases as compare to other region of Saudi Arabia.

Keeping in view, the BEMCON MENA Regional Management decided to open an office in Al Khobar to serve the customer at their doorsteps. Now the office is fully function since July 01, 2016. The office is fully equipped with all the training, education.

consulting services related equipment and tools. A purpose built state of art Training Lab is developed to give a great learning environment and relaxing ambience.

Below mentioned services team is available at this office:

  • Customer Services
  • Registration Services
  • Financial and Business Support Services
  • Training Services
  • Consulting and Business Advisory Services
  • Admin Support
  • One to One Meeting
  • One to One Consulting and Coaching Services

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