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We are so pleased yo announce that BEMCON Saudi Arabia now is authorized by OSHAcademy to deliver various HSE courses based on OSHA requirements.

OSHAcademy has established a strict set of requirements each company must meet to qualify as an Authorised Training Provider (ATP)

These requirements ensure only training organizations with the right combination of education and experience are qualified to provide OSHAcademy training.

BEMCON Saudi Arabia as an OHSAcademy ATP....


A division of Geigle Safety Group, Inc. , was originally established in 1999 by Steve Geigle, MA, CSHM, CET, and currently, offers 149 online courses and 30 training programs.

They are constantly working to improve their training programs, as well as systems to provide the best safety and health training in the industry today. OSHAcademy currently also has a network of more than 50 Authorized Training Providers (ATP) who provide classroom-based safety and health instruction across the world, and BEMCON SAUDI ARABIA is proudly one of them now.

followings are some of the training courses we offer:

  • 132-hour OSH Professional
  • 48-hour OSH Manager
  • 44-hour OSH Specialist
  • 36-hour OSH Trainer (Train-the-Trainer)
  • 36-hour OSH Supervisor
  • 36-hour Safety Committee Chair
  • 32-hour Safety Committee Member
  • 30-hour General Industry Safety and Health
  • 10-hour General Industry Safety and Health
  • 10-hour Employee Occupational Safety and Health Construction
  • 192-hour Construction Safety & Health Professional
  • 162-hour Construction Safety & Health Manager
  • 145-hour Construction Site Safety Supervisor
  • 130-hour Construction Safety & Health Specialist
  • 47-hour Construction Safety & Health Trainer
  • 30-hour Construction Safety and Health
  • 10-hour Construction Safety and Health Oil and Gas
  • 233-hour Oil & Gas Safety & Health Professional
  • 192-hour Oil & Gas Safety & Health Manager
  • 164-hour Oil & Gas Safety & Health Supervisor
  • 155-hour Oil & Gas Safety & Health Specialist
  • 70-hour Oil & Gas Safety & Health Train-the-Trainer
  • 40-hour HAZWOPER

For more information please contact : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

to validate your OSHAcademy certificate, please click the image below:

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